Write about your adventures whether it’s in the water, on the ground or up in the air. Engine, human or natural powered. From micro to full-time adventure, we’d love to hear all about your stories from the most remote places on earth! Inspire us!



Write about what you create or what people you met on your way creates. It’s all about your unlimited creativity transposed to design, photography, drawing, music, meditation, etc… You have some tips on how to stay creative?  That’s great share it with us!


As a nomad wolf, you must have a very interesting way to live and make money on the road. This category is about how you live, where you live and how you sustain yourself. From digital nomadism to van life or permaculture. Tell us about your life style!

Alexandre Gendron - The Nomad Wolves

Why The Nomad Wolves?

Hi there,
I’m Alex, the creator of The Nomad Wolves Collective. Since a few years, I’m wandering around the globe in the search for the best photographs and greatest adventures possible. I met many like-minded RAD peers around the planet. Most of them don’t know each other yet but I wanted to bring everyone together to share our same passion for outdoor adventures, creativity such as photography, and unique lifestyle. So there it is. Enjoy your read!