The Road to Inspiration by Chris Burkard

As you might know, Chris Burkard is one of my great source of inspiration. I’ve started to get more serious about outdoor photography and Instagram after I met him in Wanaka, New Zealand back in 2015. Since then, I’ve been following him, his adventures, and watched many of his videos where he explains how to become a better photographer.

I want to share with you his last video about his van making process, and how he can be a father, a husband and still be as excited as a kid about his adventures and work projects. That’s everyone’s goal, after all, to find happiness in what we do every day. Some of us reached it already, and some of us still have a bit to accomplish and experiment to reach that point. I’m still feeling in the second category, even though I accomplished quite a lot into pushing my boundaries the last four years. Every day, I’m feeling closer to that goal.

Enjoy this beautifully filmed and made video and get some inspiration for your next adventure!

If you are in the states and want your van to be built by Advanture Company, just click here and to discover more about Chris Burkard, visit his website here.

If you have any great inspirational videos like this one, please, share them in the comments below!

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